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We have the right design to suit each particular industry suitable for their usage and requirements. Our casters and wheels are produced to the strictest quality standards and are sold throughout the world. Contact us see our wide selection of products.


We have a wide series of caster products to suit each particular industry. From plastic to rubber, without brake to double brake, light to heavy weight capacity, various of combinations can meet your needs. Check our brochure for product information.

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Rubber Tires

Check out the brochure for more details to rubber tires. There are tires with different tread patterns, hollow or solid structure, various sizes and weight capacity.

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Customized Products

We understand there’s always a special need which is different with peers. That is what makes you stand out. Please contact us no matter how unique your demands are. Your goal is also ours.

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We are able to make casters and wheels 100% with your demand. Despite of the wheel material, finish material, brake type, and yoke, it can be taylor-made by following your spec. Contact us see our wide selection of products.